Hi There,

That's a wrap for Bord Bia's Workplace Wellbeing Week 2017 - but the learnings will live on!

We hope you found the week insightful, useful but above all else, fun!

As we know from the Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme, Health and Wellbeing is no longer an order from the doctor or a niche craze. It stands for discovery, pleasure and sophistication. Ultimately a healthy body, mind and spirit is seen as the way to achieve happiness - we hope we have managed to convince you over the week. 

Below there are some recap's, pictures and highlights - enjoy! 

#1 Water consumption has gone through the roof in Bord Bia since Monday - keep it up!

#2 Skipathons are fun - we need to do more of them!

#3 The lift ban resulted in more calories being burnt, less electricity! 

#4 We celebrated the most important meal of the day in style! 

#5 Making Stess Balls is stressful! 

And... we also had... downtime for mental headspace, motivational sessions, webinars, relaxation and mindfulness sessions - so it really was a busy week!

Well done to everyone involved, and thanks again to everyone for getting behind Bord Bia's Wellbeing Week 2017 and making it such a success! 

Have a great weekend,

Bord Bia Workplace Wellbeing

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