Health and Wellness in November

November brought Health and Wellness into focus in Bord Bia.

As well as being a key consumer trend, we now know that it is an important aspect of sustainability and Origin Green.

How we played our part:

  • 130 healthy smoothies were consumed across the offices
  • 30 staff members undertook Pilates classes!
  • 8 posters reminded us to take the stairs
  • 3 Mindfulness sessions calmed us to bits
  • 1 nutrition demo for 30 staff had us licking our lips and watching our hip
    Our lovely colleagues in Madrid and London got into the spirit of things too

  • While the Dublin office enjoyed a nutritional talk and cooking demo


    Other initiatives
  • The Running Club is coming into its stride, and is looking at taking on some charity runs from January. Get involved! You can’t be too fast or too slow. Contact David Deeley.
  • Michelle, Crina, David and Ernesta in the kitchen have always been conscious of sustainability. They are great supporters of Origin Green suppliers, and focus on areas such as food waste, seasonal produce and health. Do you like their new muffins and flapjacks? Pop your head into the kitchen and tell them. Keep an eye out in the canteen, for more information about where your food is coming from.
  • We received some great feedback as a result of the Pilates Classes:

    • “After my reformer class, I felt really refreshed and rejuvenated”
    • “The setting was very relaxed with a small class that gave everyone great attention from the instructor”
    • “The modern machines that we used made it very easy to do the stretches correctly even at the difficult level”
    • “The fact that it was so close to work was terrific, with a class at 5.30 straight after work”
    • “I really felt the benefits the next day and would strongly recommend. Yyou will really enjoy”
    • “Judging by the talk around the office, everyone enjoyed it and would go again”
    To those that have kept their plants alive, we salute you!

    To those that have let them wilt to a slow death, we judge you!

    And to those who don’t even have them on their desk anymore, we can only assume they are gone to a better place!

    A special tip-of-the-hat to our colleagues in Paris. They had a “Planting Positivity” session, giving their plants a brand new home in the courtyard.

Our lovely Dead Plants!!

Now, while we are all embodying health, the same can’t be said for the Origin All plants!!!

This isn’t the end for health and wellness; January is just around the corner, so stay in touch and email with any suggestions.

We’ll leave you with these tips on becoming more mindful:

  • Be aware of your breathing, observe five mindful breaths at some point in your day – when you first wake up, while at your desk and before you eat lunch
  • Notice changes in your posture. Be aware of how your body and mind feel.  Focus on points of tightness in the neck/shoulders/stomach and release the tension
  • Notice the good things, however small in your everyday activities. Over the next few weeks, write down three good things that happen every day
  • Gratitude! Be aware of, and grateful for the positive things in your life. Research has proven that when we acknowledge the positives, we become more confident and self-assured
  • Bring awareness to listening and talking – can you listen without agreeing/disagreeing, liking/disliking or planning what you’ll say next? Try to just say what you need to, and notice how you feel!

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