Meet Mary Reynolds, the plant whisperer who dared to be wild

“Chelsea was fabulous – a showcase for my vision that showed the world the value of wild places, but it was just the seed,” - read Judith Woods' interview with Mary Reynolds, the visionary garden designer who took the Chelsea Flower Show by storm, and whose story is told in DARE TO BE WILD.
The Bloom Connection

Mary Reynolds, DARE TO BE WILD's amazing real-life heroine, assisted as a guest judge at Bord Bia's Bloom for many years, as well as judging and mentoring on 
RTÉ Super Garden alongside Bloom's Show Manager, Gary Graham of Bord Bia. Garden designer, Fiann Ó Nualláin, a Bloom Gold Medal winner whose work has been featured at every Bloom festival, says of Mary; "Her success putBloom on the agenda and those of us who have come through from that, owe her a debt and depth of gratitude too."

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